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Beetroot Powder A Natural Boost For Your Health and Fitness
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Beetroot Powder: A Natural Boost For Your Health and Fitness!

Want to reap all the benefits from beetroots, but cannot stand their earthy taste? Then try beetroot powder! This bright pink powder consists of dried and grounded beetroot. As such, it contains all the minerals and nutrients found in beetroots but in a highly concentrated dosage. One teaspoon is the equivalent of one entire beet! […]

5 foods to eat in spring
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5 Foods to Eat in Spring – Start the New Season on a High! (with plant-based recipes)

Tiredness, lack of energy, brain fog, weight gain, insomnia, brittle nails, hair loss, and mood swings: Spring is arriving! 🌸 I bet we have all experienced, at least once, some of the most common symptoms associated with the change of season. The good news is that, by eating the right foods, we can significantly improve […]