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nutrient-packed snacks for kids and adults on the go
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Snack Attack: Crafting Delicious, Nutrient-Packed Healthy Snacks for Kids and Adults on the Go!

No matter the age, we all have experienced feeling hungry in between meals. And when we are on the go picking up kids from school and getting them to play dates, sports practices, or creative activities, it’s easy to grab conveniently packaged snacks. Today, we have the pleasure of hosting our friends from Recspert, who […]

Beetroot Powder A Natural Boost For Your Health and Fitness
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Beetroot Powder: A Natural Boost For Your Health and Fitness!

Want to reap all the benefits from beetroots, but cannot stand their earthy taste? Then try beetroot powder! This bright pink powder consists of dried and grounded beetroot. As such, it contains all the minerals and nutrients found in beetroots but in a highly concentrated dosage. One teaspoon is the equivalent of one entire beet! […]

The Link Between Gut Health and Mental Health Feed the Gut Microbiome to Improve Your Mood!
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The Link Between Gut Health and Mental Health: Feed the Gut Microbiome to Improve Your Mood!

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably experienced times in life when stress, anxiety, or low moods seemed to linger a little too long. Although in the years I have tried several remedies -some more natural than others- I have never delved deeper into the fascinating connection between gut health and mental health until a […]