Interview with Carmen Ventrucci Peterson
Nutrition, Weight Loss

Interview with Sustainable Weight Loss Coaching Client – Carmen Ventrucci Peterson

LIVE TOMORROW 2/3/21 at 1PM EST! Recording above! Come hear about the success Carmen Ventrucci Peterson has been having with Transcend Sustainable Weight Loss Coaching! Stay until the end for a killer deal toward your own personal transformation, with coaching starting February 15th! Please join the group and RSVP! 1. Join Sustainable Weight Loss Group […]

Plant-based protein sources header image

Sources of Plant Proteins

Many plant-based foods can be an excellent source of protein and other nutrients. Often with fewer calories and more benefits for your health than animal products. Many experts agree that a well-planned vegetarian or vegan diet can provide you with all the nutrients you need. What is protein? Protein is found throughout the bodyโ€”in muscle, […]

Plant-based vs Carnivore; elephant vs lion

Plant-based vs Animal-derived Food Products

Letโ€™s debate and examine the benefits of both ends of the spectrum, from plant-based to carnivore (plant-based vs animal-derived food products), and ultimately discover some middle ground! In this article, you will learn: The benefits and drawbacks of a plant-based eating lifestyle The benefits and drawbacks of a carnivore diet, or other meat heavy diets […]

woman doing yoga with kombucha

How Kombucha Can Benefit with Health Issues

If you read my other article, Benefits of Kombucha, you may recall how I explained several high-level benefits of drinking kombucha. That article explains how kombucha has probiotics that can repair your gut as well as other benefits. You should read it! It really is important to understand if you are unfamiliar with what is […]

kombucha three flavors on table

Benefits of Kombucha – The Amazing Fermented Beverage

1 Kombucha contains live microbes that combat pathogenic (“bad”) ones. Fermented foods and drinks contain live microbes that combat pathogenic microbes. These microbes are similar to those that make up a healthy gut microbiome, thus facilitating a favorable gut flora balance. The “good” microbes do this by: Joining and interacting with other microbes in our […]