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Does Your Brand Align? I’m Excited to Work With You!

Inspired by my own massive Iife, heaIth, and weight losstransfor­mation, I developed an intense passion for nutrition and helping others adopt a healthy lifestyle. Formerly a web developer and UX designer, I left my corporate life behind to pursue my mission to change the lives of others for the better, as I did mine.

I am now a Precision nutrition certified coach, heaIthy Iifestyle influ­encer, and” plant-preferred” recipe creator. I am also a busy mom of 4, often promoting nutrition and healthy habits to my own family as well as others.

I am a firm believer, that in order to influence the world in making an impact on the obesity epidemic, much effort should be focused on the family. For this reason, my intended audience are parents, and I am determined to help them, and subsequently, they’ re chil­dren and the habits they instill for Iife. Making healthy Iiving more
accessible and practical for families are challenges I aim to resoIve.

Another passion of mine is endurance sports, and so Iikewise, I am also active with the local running community. I have further established the strength of my own purpose while helping others by fundraising for a couple of my half marathons in the past. I often gravitate to working with charitable and ethical organizations and brands.

Interested? Shoot me a message! You may also email me directly.