Transforming to Healthier Living Interview on The Ruby Road Podcast

The Ruby Road Podcast with Carmen Ventrucci and Caitlin Havener

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This morning I aired on an interview with my business coach, Carmen Ventrucci with True SISU Life, on her entrepreneur podcast: The Ruby Road. P.S. You should subscribe. 😉

In this interview, I shared my massive health and weight loss transformation story, and how it has inspired me to help other busy parents transform their lifestyle through healthy lifestyle coaching.

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I spoke about becoming a nutrition coach and whole food plant-preferred recipe blogger, while living the busy life of a mom of 4.

From Carmen’s show notes –

“In this episode you will discover:

  • There’s power and endless positive ripple effects in taking responsibility for your health; mind, body, and soul
  • Stepping into alignment and staying true to yourself will open doors of opportunity for self-growth, personally and professionally
  • The mindset shift that can be experienced when transitioning from an employee”

If you are more into audio versions of podcasts, you can check out the podcast episode on Apple Podcasts. Follow the channel for more excellent interviews of entrepreneurs!

If you have a goal and need some help figuring out how to get there, let’s chat. You can book a consultation with me or simply shoot me an email. 😀

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