Plant-Based Diet Grocery List

Girl shopping for produce at farmer's market with plant-based diet grocery list

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Unsure of where to get started with your plant-based diet grocery list and curious what your kitchen staples should be? Or perhaps you have been eating a plant-based diet for a while and want to expand your selection to some new things? I stock up on many of the plant-based shopping list items below, and then I can always throw something together to eat!

This article is a little longer than most of my articles! As such, I have some quick links here to jump to different parts of the page:

Vegan vs Plant-based Diet

What is the difference between vegan and plant-based?

“Vegan” refers to elimination of animal products in any form. Vegans do not eat any foods that are from an animal or derived from an animal – such as meat, dairy, eggs, and often honey. Many strict vegans also do not wear products sourced from animals – such as leather 1. Veganism is essentially based off a passionate stand against animal cruelty. It is more a philosophy and practice, rather than just a diet. Vegans are often not always restrictive about processed foods. As long as it doesn’t contain animal products, it is considered vegan.

Plant-based diet, on the other hand, is based off of similar ingredients but is whole food based. “Whole food” refers to eating foods as close to how they were originally grown – food that has been processed or refined as little as possible and is free from additives or other artificial substances. Plant-based also does not necessarily mean total avoidance of animal products. A plant-based diet includes the adoption of more plant-based foods while cutting back on animal foods. The term “plant-based diet” also totally refers to diet and bears no restriction on other lifestyle factors.

Plant-Based VS. Vegan image
Helpful vegan vs. plant-based infographic from Forks Over Knives

When eating a plant-based diet, regardless of identifying as completely vegan or flexible, I find that searching for “vegan recipes” yields the most results with the most plant-based ingredients. Since I eat 95-99% plant-based myself, I usually search for vegan recipes.

Vegan Shopping List or Plant-Based Diet Shopping List

Regardless of which route you choose, the list below is a great place to start with a vegan or plant-based diet. What is most important is that most of your diet consists of whole food plant-based ingredients. I think the 80/20 rule applies here. If you start basing all your meals off plants first, it’s easier not to center your diet around meat and dairy. Click the items in the list to see more information about that item. If you don’t see an item linked, I probably haven’t gotten to making a page for it yet!

What is most important is that most of your diet consists of whole food plant-based ingredients.

Plant-Based Shopping Tips

You’ll want to get plenty of produce to allow for creativity and variety but to be wary of those items going bad. Local produce in season in your area is always best, since it doesn’t have far to travel to make it to your market. Local produce often contains more nutrients and is better for the environment, among other benefits 2. Many produce items you can freeze or buy frozen to begin with. Reputable sources suggest avoiding canned produce, as it possibly has lost a lot of it’s nutrition due to the canning process. Canned produce also often has additives such as salt, sugar, and/or preservatives as well as some canned products have traces of BPA in the lining 3.

The easiest solution to staying stocked with fresh fruits and vegetables is to try a produce delivery service! Most of them are pretty expensive, but I stumbled on a service that will deliver you the product that doesn’t make it to the store: Misfits Market. If this service doesn’t deliver to you, I have heard of several more. I get the “Madness box” and it provides a lot of what I need to make meals for the week for myself and my family. You also can’t beat this price! If you want 25% off your first box, you can use my discount code: COOKWME-GW8YHS ! This solution will make it easy to stay stocked with adequate servings of fruits and vegetables from the plant-based diet grocery list.

If you start basing all your meals off plants first, it’s easier not to center your diet around meat and dairy.

I often am able to make meal decisions based on the products that I need to use up in the fridge. For example, I’ve got a lot of cauliflower and green beans and just bought an air fryer last week, so I’m going to be making some green bean fries and buffalo cauliflower wraps! By the way, using an air fryer is an awesome way to make “fried” food without the oil. We love ours! We have the Instant Vortex 6 quart. It’s a pretty basic model with the best price we could find and it works great! The model we have is right there. ➡️

Plant-Based Diet Grocery List Ideas


Just to get your juices flowing… for each person, choose ~14 servings total per week5 from 3-5 different fruit types. I often eat even more! Change up what you buy and occasionally try new things to avoid boredom. I avoided putting anything too exotic to be easily accessed in the United States on this list.


For each person, choose ~21 servings total per week 4 from 4-6 different vegetable types. I often eat even more! Change up what you buy and occasionally try new things to avoid boredom.

Download our Plant-Based Diet Grocery List PDF to simplify your shopping and discover delicious ingredients for a healthy and sustainable plant-based lifestyle!

What Should I Eat!? Plant-based Version

Below is an excellent infographic guiding those that want to try fully plant-based meals from Precision Nutrition. I’m certified by them as a nutrition coach, by the way! This infographic answers the question, “What can I eat on a fully plant-based diet?!”

If you are looking for nutrition coaching to implement a plant-based eating regimen, contact me!

What Should I eat? Fully plant-based edition

Grocery Lists

Below is a fairly exhaustive list. For nice, organized, printable grocery lists, click the links below.

Grocery ItemTypeTop ProductsRecipes
AppleFruitFeatured AppleApple Recipes
ApricotsFruitFeatured ApricotsApricots Recipes
AvocadoFruitFeatured AvocadoAvocado Recipes
BananaFruitFeatured BananaBanana Recipes
BlackberriesFruitFeatured BlackberriesBlackberries Recipes
BlueberriesFruitFeatured BlueberriesBlueberries Recipes
CantaloupeFruitFeatured CantaloupeCantaloupe Recipes
Carambola (Star fruit)FruitFeatured Carambola (Star fruit)Carambola (Star fruit) Recipes
CherriesFruitFeatured CherriesCherries Recipes
ClementineFruitFeatured ClementineClementine Recipes
CoconutFruitFeatured CoconutCoconut Recipes
CranberriesFruitFeatured CranberriesCranberries Recipes
DatesFruitFeatured DatesDates Recipes
ElderberriesFruitFeatured ElderberriesElderberries Recipes
FigsFruitFeatured FigsFigs Recipes
GrapefruitFruitFeatured GrapefruitGrapefruit Recipes
GrapesFruitFeatured GrapesGrapes Recipes
GuavaFruitFeatured GuavaGuava Recipes
Honeydew MelonFruitFeatured Honeydew MelonHoneydew Melon Recipes
JackfruitFruitFeatured JackfruitJackfruit Recipes
KiwifruitFruitFeatured KiwifruitKiwifruit Recipes
LemonFruitFeatured LemonLemon Recipes
LimeFruitFeatured LimeLime Recipes
LycheeFruitFeatured LycheeLychee Recipes
MandarinFruitFeatured MandarinMandarin Recipes
MangoFruitFeatured MangoMango Recipes
MulberriesFruitFeatured MulberriesMulberries Recipes
NectarineFruitFeatured NectarineNectarine Recipes
OlivesFruitFeatured OlivesOlives Recipes
OrangeFruitFeatured OrangeOrange Recipes
PapayaFruitFeatured PapayaPapaya Recipes
Passion FruitFruitFeatured Passion FruitPassion Fruit Recipes
PeachesFruitFeatured PeachesPeaches Recipes
PearFruitFeatured PearPear Recipes
PersimmonFruitFeatured PersimmonPersimmon Recipes
Pitaya (Dragonfruit)FruitFeatured Pitaya (Dragonfruit)Pitaya (Dragonfruit) Recipes
PineappleFruitFeatured PineapplePineapple Recipes
PlantainFruitFeatured PlantainPlantain Recipes
PlumsFruitFeatured PlumsPlums Recipes
PomegranateFruitFeatured PomegranatePomegranate Recipes
PearsFruitFeatured PearsPears Recipes
PrunesFruitFeatured PrunesPrunes Recipes
PummeloFruitFeatured PummeloPummelo Recipes
RaspberriesFruitFeatured RaspberriesRaspberries Recipes
RhubarbFruitFeatured RhubarbRhubarb Recipes
StrawberriesFruitFeatured StrawberriesStrawberries Recipes
TamarindFruitFeatured TamarindTamarind Recipes
TangerineFruitFeatured TangerineTangerine Recipes
ArtichokeVegetableFeatured ArtichokeArtichoke Recipes
ArugulaVegetableFeatured ArugulaArugula Recipes
AsparagusVegetableFeatured AsparagusAsparagus Recipes
Beans, GreenVegetableFeatured Beans, GreenBeans, Green Recipes
BeetsVegetableFeatured BeetsBeets Recipes
Bok ChoyVegetableFeatured Bok ChoyBok Choy Recipes
BroccoliVegetableFeatured BroccoliBroccoli Recipes
Broccoli RabeVegetableFeatured Broccoli RabeBroccoli Rabe Recipes
Brussel SproutsVegetableFeatured Brussel SproutsBrussel Sprouts Recipes
CabbageVegetableFeatured CabbageCabbage Recipes
CarrotVegetableFeatured CarrotCarrot Recipes
Cassava (Yuca Root)VegetableFeatured Cassava (Yuca Root)Cassava (Yuca Root) Recipes
CauliflowerVegetableFeatured CauliflowerCauliflower Recipes
Celeriac (Celery Root)VegetableFeatured Celeriac (Celery Root)Celeriac (Celery Root) Recipes
CeleryVegetableFeatured CeleryCelery Recipes
Chayote*VegetableFeatured Chayote*Chayote* Recipes
CollardsVegetableFeatured CollardsCollards Recipes
CornVegetableFeatured CornCorn Recipes
CucumberVegetableFeatured CucumberCucumber Recipes
EggplantVegetableFeatured EggplantEggplant Recipes
FennelVegetableFeatured FennelFennel Recipes
Ginger RootVegetableFeatured Ginger RootGinger Root Recipes
HorseradishVegetableFeatured HorseradishHorseradish Recipes
JicamaVegetableFeatured JicamaJicama Recipes
KaleVegetableFeatured KaleKale Recipes
LeeksVegetableFeatured LeeksLeeks Recipes
LettuceVegetableFeatured LettuceLettuce Recipes
MushroomsVegetableFeatured MushroomsMushrooms Recipes
Mustard GreensVegetableFeatured Mustard GreensMustard Greens Recipes
OkraVegetableFeatured OkraOkra Recipes
OnionVegetableFeatured OnionOnion Recipes
ParsnipVegetableFeatured ParsnipParsnip Recipes
Peas, GreenVegetableFeatured Peas, GreenPeas, Green Recipes
Pepper, GreenVegetableFeatured Pepper, GreenPepper, Green Recipes
Pepper, Sweet RedVegetableFeatured Pepper, Sweet RedPepper, Sweet Red Recipes
Potato, RedVegetableFeatured Potato, RedPotato, Red Recipes
Potato, WhiteVegetableFeatured Potato, WhitePotato, White Recipes
Potato, YellowVegetableFeatured Potato, YellowPotato, Yellow Recipes
PumpkinVegetableFeatured PumpkinPumpkin Recipes
RadicchioVegetableFeatured RadicchioRadicchio Recipes
RadishesVegetableFeatured RadishesRadishes Recipes
RutabagaVegetableFeatured RutabagaRutabaga Recipes
ShallotsVegetableFeatured ShallotsShallots Recipes
Snow PeasVegetableFeatured Snow PeasSnow Peas Recipes
Spaghetti SquashVegetableFeatured Spaghetti SquashSpaghetti Squash Recipes
SpinachVegetableFeatured SpinachSpinach Recipes
Squash, ButternutVegetableFeatured Squash, ButternutSquash, Butternut Recipes
Sugar Snap PeasVegetableFeatured Sugar Snap PeasSugar Snap Peas Recipes
Sweet PotatoVegetableFeatured Sweet PotatoSweet Potato Recipes
Swiss ChardVegetableFeatured Swiss ChardSwiss Chard Recipes
Tomatillo*VegetableFeatured Tomatillo*Tomatillo* Recipes
Tomato*VegetableFeatured Tomato*Tomato* Recipes
TurnipVegetableFeatured TurnipTurnip Recipes
WatercressVegetableFeatured WatercressWatercress Recipes
Yam RootVegetableFeatured Yam RootYam Root Recipes
ZucchiniVegetableFeatured ZucchiniZucchini Recipes
Almond – whole and butter, many different typesNutFeatured Almond – whole and butter, many different typesAlmond – whole and butter, many different types Recipes
Brazil NutNutFeatured Brazil NutBrazil Nut Recipes
ChestnutsNutFeatured ChestnutsChestnuts Recipes
Hazelnut – whole or butterNutFeatured Hazelnut – whole or butterHazelnut – whole or butter Recipes
MacadamiaNutFeatured MacadamiaMacadamia Recipes
Peanut – actually a legume!NutFeatured Peanut – actually a legume!Peanut – actually a legume! Recipes
PecanNutFeatured PecanPecan Recipes
Pine NutNutFeatured Pine NutPine Nut Recipes
Pistachio NutNutFeatured Pistachio NutPistachio Nut Recipes
WalnutNutFeatured WalnutWalnut Recipes
AmaranthGrainFeatured AmaranthAmaranth Recipes
BarleyGrainFeatured BarleyBarley Recipes
BuckwheatGrainFeatured BuckwheatBuckwheat Recipes
BulgurGrainFeatured BulgurBulgur Recipes
CornGrainFeatured CornCorn Recipes
EinkornGrainFeatured EinkornEinkorn Recipes
Farro / EmmerGrainFeatured Farro / EmmerFarro / Emmer Recipes
FonioGrainFeatured FonioFonio Recipes
FreekehGrainFeatured FreekehFreekeh Recipes
Kamut® Khorasan GrainGrainFeatured Kamut® Khorasan GrainKamut® Khorasan Grain Recipes
KañiwaGrainFeatured KañiwaKañiwa Recipes
MilletGrainFeatured MilletMillet Recipes
Oats – steel cut and old fashioned rolledGrainFeatured Oats – steel cut and old fashioned rolledOats – steel cut and old fashioned rolled Recipes
QuinoaGrainFeatured QuinoaQuinoa Recipes
Rice – whole grain not refined (white)GrainFeatured Rice – whole grain not refined (white)Rice – whole grain not refined (white) Recipes
RyeGrainFeatured RyeRye Recipes
Sorghum / MiloGrainFeatured Sorghum / MiloSorghum / Milo Recipes
SpeltGrainFeatured SpeltSpelt Recipes
TeffGrainFeatured TeffTeff Recipes
TriticaleGrainFeatured TriticaleTriticale Recipes
WheatGrainFeatured WheatWheat Recipes
Wild RiceGrainFeatured Wild RiceWild Rice Recipes
Aduke BeansLegumeFeatured Aduke BeansAduke Beans Recipes
Alfalfa (a legume)LegumeFeatured Alfalfa (a legume)Alfalfa (a legume) Recipes
Anasazi BeansLegumeFeatured Anasazi BeansAnasazi Beans Recipes
Azuki BeansLegumeFeatured Azuki BeansAzuki Beans Recipes
Bean SproutsLegumeFeatured Bean SproutsBean Sprouts Recipes
Beans, SnapLegumeFeatured Beans, SnapBeans, Snap Recipes
Black BeansLegumeFeatured Black BeansBlack Beans Recipes
Black-Eyed PeasLegumeFeatured Black-Eyed PeasBlack-Eyed Peas Recipes
Broad Beans (Fava Beans)LegumeFeatured Broad Beans (Fava Beans)Broad Beans (Fava Beans) Recipes
Calypso (Yin Yang) BeansLegumeFeatured Calypso (Yin Yang) BeansCalypso (Yin Yang) Beans Recipes
Cannellini BeansLegumeFeatured Cannellini BeansCannellini Beans Recipes
Copper BeansLegumeFeatured Copper BeansCopper Beans Recipes
EdamameLegumeFeatured EdamameEdamame Recipes
Fava BeansLegumeFeatured Fava BeansFava Beans Recipes
Garbanzo Beans (AKA – chickpeas)LegumeFeatured Garbanzo Beans (AKA – chickpeas)Garbanzo Beans (AKA – chickpeas) Recipes
Green BeansLegumeFeatured Green BeansGreen Beans Recipes
JicamaLegumeFeatured JicamaJicama Recipes
Kidney BeansLegumeFeatured Kidney BeansKidney Beans Recipes
LentilsLegumeFeatured LentilsLentils Recipes
Lima BeansLegumeFeatured Lima BeansLima Beans Recipes
Mung BeansLegumeFeatured Mung BeansMung Beans Recipes
Navy BeansLegumeFeatured Navy BeansNavy Beans Recipes
Northern BeansLegumeFeatured Northern BeansNorthern Beans Recipes
Pea PodsLegumeFeatured Pea PodsPea Pods Recipes
Peanuts (a legume)LegumeFeatured Peanuts (a legume)Peanuts (a legume) Recipes
Peas, GreenLegumeFeatured Peas, GreenPeas, Green Recipes
Pinto BeansLegumeFeatured Pinto BeansPinto Beans Recipes
Red BeansLegumeFeatured Red BeansRed Beans Recipes
Soy Beans – whole or miso paste is great!LegumeFeatured Soy Beans – whole or miso paste is great!Soy Beans – whole or miso paste is great! Recipes
Speckled Cranberry BeansLegumeFeatured Speckled Cranberry BeansSpeckled Cranberry Beans Recipes
Tamarind BeansLegumeFeatured Tamarind BeansTamarind Beans Recipes
Wax BeansLegumeFeatured Wax BeansWax Beans Recipes
White BeansLegumeFeatured White BeansWhite Beans Recipes
Chia seedsSeedFeatured Chia seedsChia seeds Recipes
Cashew – whole and butterSeedFeatured Cashew – whole and butterCashew – whole and butter Recipes
Flaxseed – whole or ground, I always have ground as a staple!SeedFeatured Flaxseed – whole or ground, I always have ground as a staple!Flaxseed – whole or ground, I always have ground as a staple! Recipes
Hemp seedsSeedFeatured Hemp seedsHemp seeds Recipes
Poppy seedSeedFeatured Poppy seedPoppy seed Recipes
Pumpkin seedsSeedFeatured Pumpkin seedsPumpkin seeds Recipes
Sesame seedSeedFeatured Sesame seedSesame seed Recipes
SafflowerSeedFeatured SafflowerSafflower Recipes
SunflowerSeedFeatured SunflowerSunflower Recipes
soy milkBeverageFeatured soy milksoy milk Recipes
oat milkBeverageFeatured oat milkoat milk Recipes
almond milkBeverageFeatured almond milkalmond milk Recipes
cashew milkBeverageFeatured cashew milkcashew milk Recipes
hemp milkBeverageFeatured hemp milkhemp milk Recipes
coconut milkBeverageFeatured coconut milkcoconut milk Recipes
coffeeBeverageFeatured coffeecoffee Recipes
tea – green, black, herbal, etc.BeverageFeatured tea – green, black, herbal, etc.tea – green, black, herbal, etc. Recipes
water – still or sparklingBeverageFeatured water – still or sparklingwater – still or sparkling Recipes
juice – limit*BeverageFeatured juice – limit*juice – limit* Recipes
balsamic vinegarPantryFeatured balsamic vinegarbalsamic vinegar Recipes
apple cider vinegarPantryFeatured apple cider vinegarapple cider vinegar Recipes
white vinegarPantryFeatured white vinegarwhite vinegar Recipes
rice vinegarPantryFeatured rice vinegarrice vinegar Recipes
red wine vinegarPantryFeatured red wine vinegarred wine vinegar Recipes
malt vinegarPantryFeatured malt vinegarmalt vinegar Recipes
hot sauce – sriracha and others without additivesPantryFeatured hot sauce – sriracha and others without additiveshot sauce – sriracha and others without additives Recipes
salsaPantryFeatured salsasalsa Recipes
soy saucePantryFeatured soy saucesoy sauce Recipes
vegetable brothPantryFeatured vegetable brothvegetable broth Recipes
vegetable and/or bean soups – preferably no meat or dairy – such as tomato soup, lentil soup, etc.PantryFeatured vegetable and/or bean soups – preferably no meat or dairy – such as tomato soup, lentil soup, etc.vegetable and/or bean soups – preferably no meat or dairy – such as tomato soup, lentil soup, etc. Recipes
AjwainSpiceFeatured AjwainAjwain Recipes
AllspiceSpiceFeatured AllspiceAllspice Recipes
Almond MealSpiceFeatured Almond MealAlmond Meal Recipes
Anise SeedSpiceFeatured Anise SeedAnise Seed Recipes
Arrowroot PowderSpiceFeatured Arrowroot PowderArrowroot Powder Recipes
CacaoSpiceFeatured CacaoCacao Recipes
Caraway SeedSpiceFeatured Caraway SeedCaraway Seed Recipes
CardamomSpiceFeatured CardamomCardamom Recipes
Celery SeedSpiceFeatured Celery SeedCelery Seed Recipes
CinnamonSpiceFeatured CinnamonCinnamon Recipes
ClovesSpiceFeatured ClovesCloves Recipes
CorianderSpiceFeatured CorianderCoriander Recipes
CuminSpiceFeatured CuminCumin Recipes
Dill SeedSpiceFeatured Dill SeedDill Seed Recipes
Fennel SeedSpiceFeatured Fennel SeedFennel Seed Recipes
FenugreekSpiceFeatured FenugreekFenugreek Recipes
Galangal Root PowderSpiceFeatured Galangal Root PowderGalangal Root Powder Recipes
GarlicSpiceFeatured GarlicGarlic Recipes
GingerSpiceFeatured GingerGinger Recipes
Horseradish PowderSpiceFeatured Horseradish PowderHorseradish Powder Recipes
Juniper BerriesSpiceFeatured Juniper BerriesJuniper Berries Recipes
MaceSpiceFeatured MaceMace Recipes
MahlebSpiceFeatured MahlebMahleb Recipes
MustardSpiceFeatured MustardMustard Recipes
Nigella Sativa SpiceFeatured Nigella Sativa Nigella Sativa Recipes
NutmegSpiceFeatured NutmegNutmeg Recipes
Onion – dried and groundSpiceFeatured Onion – dried and groundOnion – dried and ground Recipes
PaprikaSpiceFeatured PaprikaPaprika Recipes
PeppercornsSpiceFeatured PeppercornsPeppercorns Recipes
Porcini PowderSpiceFeatured Porcini PowderPorcini Powder Recipes
SaffronSpiceFeatured SaffronSaffron Recipes
Star AniseSpiceFeatured Star AniseStar Anise Recipes
SumacSpiceFeatured SumacSumac Recipes
Sweeteners – honey, agave, date sugar, molasses, maple syrup (the real stuff). Use sparingly and avoid refined sugar. SpiceFeatured Sweeteners – honey, agave, date sugar, molasses, maple syrup (the real stuff). Use sparingly and avoid refined sugar. Sweeteners – honey, agave, date sugar, molasses, maple syrup (the real stuff). Use sparingly and avoid refined sugar. Recipes
TurmericSpiceFeatured TurmericTurmeric Recipes
VanillaSpiceFeatured VanillaVanilla Recipes
BasilHerbFeatured BasilBasil Recipes
Bay LeavesHerbFeatured Bay LeavesBay Leaves Recipes
Celery FlakesHerbFeatured Celery FlakesCelery Flakes Recipes
ChivesHerbFeatured ChivesChives Recipes
CilantroHerbFeatured CilantroCilantro Recipes
Curry LeavesHerbFeatured Curry LeavesCurry Leaves Recipes
Dill WeedHerbFeatured Dill WeedDill Weed Recipes
EpazoteHerbFeatured EpazoteEpazote Recipes
Fenugreek LeavesHerbFeatured Fenugreek LeavesFenugreek Leaves Recipes
File PowderHerbFeatured File PowderFile Powder Recipes
Kaffir LimeHerbFeatured Kaffir LimeKaffir Lime Recipes
Lavender – culinaryHerbFeatured Lavender – culinaryLavender – culinary Recipes
LemongrassHerbFeatured LemongrassLemongrass Recipes
MarjoramHerbFeatured MarjoramMarjoram Recipes
MintHerbFeatured MintMint Recipes
OreganoHerbFeatured OreganoOregano Recipes
ParsleyHerbFeatured ParsleyParsley Recipes
RosemaryHerbFeatured RosemaryRosemary Recipes
SageHerbFeatured SageSage Recipes
Summer SavoryHerbFeatured Summer SavorySummer Savory Recipes
TarragonHerbFeatured TarragonTarragon Recipes
ThymeHerbFeatured ThymeThyme Recipes


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