Recommended Products

The following are products and services that I love who I have partnered with. I highly recommend them! Go check them out!

Urban Organic Gardener Seed Membership
MyProtein – love they’re Protein powder!
Just Thrive – love probiotic & antioxidant supplement! For 15% off use coupon code: COOKINGCAITLIN
Previlli – gut health support
KidStir – Kids cooking kits. Spend quality time with your kids while they learn how to cook!
Misfits – this link will get you $10 off! I’ve gotten this affordable organic produce delivery for almost 2 years now!
Peak + Valley
Noom Weight Loss
HealthyWage – a great way to enhance your weight loss motivation! Bet on yourself!
RixWood – cutting boards and more!

I eat this bread for toast almost every morning! It’s full of seeds, plant-protein, and deliciousness!

I love my air fryer!

My favorite quick to make lunch with no preservatives!

My instant pot pressure cooker is my life saver!

My favorite brand of kombucha in one of my favorite flavors!

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