vegan tzatziki sauce

Vegan Tzatziki Sauce Recipe (dairy-free and creamy) 🥒

Are you looking for a light and refreshing plant-based dressing for your Greek-themed dinners? Try my vegan tzatziki sauce, completely dairy-free, yet as creamy and aromatic as the original one! Vegan Tzatziki Sauce: the 6 basic ingredients These are the six ingredients you need to buy for prepping this easy vegan tzatziki sauce: Plus some basic …

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Salmon Kale Salad with Lemon Black Pepper Dressing 🍋

Willing to feel lighter and healthier in the run-up to Summer, but do not want to embark on restrictive, sad diets? Here you will find a delicious, yet super-nourishing Summer salad for your healthy dinners and lunches. My Salmon Kale Salad is made with the best whole-food ingredients, that will support your body and help …

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Two pieces of casserole served on a white plate, and some fresh basil leaves on the side

Mediterranean Breakfast Casserole (high-protein, vegetarian)

Today I’m excited to share with you my Mediterranean Breakfast Casserole, vegetarian and high in protein! This vegetarian casserole is an ideal breakfast for all the family, and a perfect way to trick your picky eater child into eating more veggies! Moreover, the addition of the feta cheese is a special touch that will make …

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Bruschetta served with balsamico and cherry tomatoes on the white plate


Who likes an appetizer of fresh bruschetta!? This recipe is fairly simple, yet will impress everyone at the table and make any dinner fancy. I’ve had so many cherry tomatoes in my garden, it’s been a challenge to keep up.  I’ve also made the Balsamic reduction completely sugar-free – sugar is really unnecessary with the …

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