Superfood Smoothie Bombs

superfood smoothie bombs frozen

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Do you ever have greens about to go bad in your fridge and wonder how to prevent the waste? Or a garden with greens growing out of control? A couple months ago, I needed to clear out my winter garden to make room for a few spring crops. I had let it go for a while, therefore there was an overabundance of highly nutrient filled greens, and I wasn’t about to throw them all in the trash! A lot of the greens were also a bit too bitter for my palate and I know blanching with a little lemon juice can alleviate bitterness. So the idea for Superfood Smoothie Bombs was born, a very clever way to be sustainable with the greens in my garden, and here is how I made them! 😀

Me working in my garden
My overgrown greens in my winter garden

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to make Superfood Smoothie Bombs.

  1. Gather, Rough Dice, and Rinse.

    First, Gather up all those greens, dice them up a bit and rinse them off! I had broccoli rabe leaves, mixed lettuces, and kale.
    mixed greens in sink to be rinsed

  2. Blanch in batches with lemon juice.

    Boil water in a large pot. Add greens to blanch in batches, with 1 tbsp lemon juice per batch. Each batch should only take about 2 minutes. The color in the greens will become very bright. The texture will still have a bit of a “crunch” and will not be mushy, but will be cooked enough to blend. Be careful not to overcook, as this may change its molecular composition affecting its nutritional content.blanching mixed greens

  3. Blend blanched greens.

    Carefully remove the greens with a spaghetti fork or tongs and add to a blender. Depending on the amount of greens you are preserving, you may have to blend in batches too! Greens should be a consistency that is easy to pour into cubes. If not, add a little water to the blender.added blanched greens to blender

  4. Pour and freeze.

    Pour the greens mixture into ice cubes and freeze.greens poured into cubes

Now they can be thrown right into smoothies! They taste more a lot more bland. You can barely taste them in a smoothie! Let me know in the comments if you try this and agree!

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