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Plant-based vs Carnivore; elephant vs lion

Plant-based vs Animal-derived Food Products

Letโ€™s debate and examine the benefits of both ends of the spectrum, from plant-based to carnivore (plant-based vs animal-derived food products), and ultimately discover some middle ground! In this article, you will learn: The benefits and drawbacks of a plant-based eating lifestyle The benefits and drawbacks of a carnivore diet, or other meat heavy diets […]

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Magical Mushroom Gravy

Okay, so no this is not a magical ‘shroom gravy… I am so sorry to disappoint those of you that may have gotten excited to “trip balls” again like a 20-something at an EDM concert. However, this mushroom gravy is quite magical in it’s savory umami taste and how wonderfully it compliments typically “boring” foods […]

A bowl full of colorful vegetables
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Buddha Bowls!

Colorful and fun bowls full of flavors and healthy ingredients These buddha bowls are a hit in our house! Since I follow a more plant-based diet than my boyfriend and the kids all like different vegetables, I made it a fun “build your own” buddha bowl. Kids are more likely to eat their vegetables and […]

second fermentation of kombucha flavors
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Kombucha Second Fermentation

So, if youโ€™ve come to this text about kombucha’s second fermentation, I guess your emerging kombucha is in some nice, dark, and warm corner, or maybe itโ€™s already done and waiting for all those interesting and fun flavor combinations weโ€™ll explore in this text.  If not, you can always go back to my previous text […]

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How to Make Kombucha

If you have read my previous two texts about kombucha, Benefits of Kombucha, and How Kombucha Can Benefit with Health Issues, you learned how beneficial kombucha can be for your body. In this post, we will go through the first part of the kombucha home-making process. Making it at home, we can be sure that […]