Plant-based and healthy meal plans

New! Meal Plans: Plant-Based or Healthy

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I am so psyched to announce that I now offer 5-day monthly meal plan memberships, for both plant-based and healthy anti-inflammatory diets!

You can also request a free 3-day trial! Just fill out the form for plant-based here or healthy here.

Let me handle meal planning for your health goals!

Let me do the initial planning for you, and then customize to your liking!

“What’s for dinner?” Is a question we all dread. It’s stressful to put together a meal last minute… especially a healthy one!

If you’ve been hoping for an easier way to do your meal planning, wait no longer! Now you can enjoy healthy hand-curated meal plans — created just for you by ​me, with my recipes as well as those created by dieticians and nutritionists.

For just a few dollars a month, you’ll receive my delicious and nutritious meal suggestions, tailored to be healthy and anti-inflammatory. With these meal plans you can forget the tedious planning to prepare healthy meals for the family or to more easily reach your health goals. Whether that’s general health, weight loss, body recomposition, or muscle building this meal plan is perfect for you to reach your goals (alongside using my portioning estimation method, which clients learn about in my programs).

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