Healthy living doesn’t sound sexy?! Eat more plants to GET SEXY and improve your health!

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I had a lovely opportunity to talk to my friend from the world of healthy eating blogging, Uyen Pho. She is a cancer survivor, and during her journey has come to understand very well why it is so important for our health to eat more plants (here is a useful plant-based grocery list)!

Interview with Uyen Pho on Plant-Based Eating
Why is plant-based healthy?

The most amazing thing about a plant-based diet is that different types of plants, especially when you get a nice array of colors and plants is that they each have a different phytonutrient content that helps target different cancers and just helps your body stay in tip-top shape. I believe that we all, especially the American diet, need more plants. Maybe you don’t want to adopt a fully plant-based diet and that’s okay. But we all need more plants for better functioning.

Why do we especially need more plants as Americans?

We live in a very busy society. Everybody wants to grab something really quick and easy. Moreover, we often don’t have time to cook. However, if you can prep in advance the meals you are going to eat during the week, this is not only quicker and easier for you, but it helps you in making healthier food choices. For example, if you are a super busy mom, you have to make sure your kids eat more plants, and in general more nutritious foods. Everybody can try it, and eating healthy is not expensive.

Why eating healthy is not expensive (or rather, less expensive)?

There are two reasons. First, have you ever looked at your bill after you go out to eat, does it really add up? Secondly, think of eating better as an investment in your health. More specifically, you’ve got to be a little bit forward-thinking if, in the future, you don’t want to end up having health issues.

What incorporating more plants into your diet will bring you?

A large amount of energy that you need for your kids and your business and everything. Eating more plants is going to allow you to function better and maybe throw in a couple more hours at work if you wanted there. Eat more greens, and add some fruit and vegetables throughout the day, and you will see you’ll have more energy and eventually you will feel better. Moreover, you will notice that you won’t want to go back and eat junk food.

How to incorporate healthier foods into your diet and eat more plants?

It’s all about balance, especially if you’re just starting to adopt this diet don’t wake up and think “I’m gonna overhaul my whole life”, because it doesn’t really work to think that way. The point is: if you’re not eating the best diet right now, think about how can you make it better today? That’s actually what I do through my healthy lifestyle coaching.

What is your role as a healthy lifestyle coach?

My role is to help you figure out what your goal is, and set some practices to get you to know the skills that you need to build to reach that goal. Then, I will help you to break that goal down into small actions that you do every day, as baby steps and small actions lead to massive results.
My journey even speaks to that: indeed, back in 2016, I lost over 50 pounds.

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